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Putting Outstanding Operational Efficiency at the Heart of Saving Lives

Yorkshire Ambulance Service see business continuity systems and standards support efficient and consistent delivery of services that helps save lives.


“We decided we wanted the 'gold standard' for our own and our partners’ assurance. We wanted the kitemark.” 

Angela Vinand Business Continuity Manager, Yorkshire Ambulance Service
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The People

Improving planning for Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS)

Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) identified the need to put standards at the heart of improving business continuity and future planning.

As one of the largest ambulance services in the country, serving over 5 million people, YAS needed safeguard operational capabilities and set a high level of confidence in service delivery.

The Challenge

Emergency planning for emergency services

Compliance with the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) led to a reappraisal of YAS’s functions and recruitment of dedicated staff to coordinate the business continuity management system (BCMS).

The Civil Contingencies Act deals with emergency preparedness and establishes a clear set of roles and responsibilities for those involved in emergency preparation and response at the local level.

YAS’s senior management team shared a commitment to wanting to be the best. Recognizing the value of standardisation led them to allocating resources accordingly; understanding compliance requirements for the Act proved to be the “tipping point” for organizational change and improvement.

The Solution

When expecting the unexpected becomes a life-saving issue

YAS needed transparency and alignment across all its departments to be sure of delivering consistent quality. Introducing standardization was seen as central to achieving this.

Attaining Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301) was identified by YAS as the standard to enable the organization to continue operations during business disruption and emergencies due to a planned or unplanned event.

ISO 22301 utilizes a BCMS to enable effective, timely response to disruption. An annual audit ensures standards are maintained and the organization remains compliant and prepared.

Delivering trust for the people of Yorkshire

Within five years, YAS had 15 departments certified (out of 27 departments which are within the scope of the BCMS). The benefits YAS has seen include:

Paramedics worker in an office looking at his screen
  • needed

    Improved culture of the organization – pride and understanding in shared goals.

  • needed

    Increased number of non-emergency Patient Transport Service contract wins for YAS.

  • needed

    Improved public profile and public trust.

  • needed

    Measurable proof of adaptability, agility and reliability.

  • needed

    Supporting the NHS Trust’s sustainability agenda in systems and processes.

The right response at the right time

YAS has a broad remit and covers a varied geography from isolated moors and dales to coastline and inner-city areas.

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  • 6,000 square miles

    6,000 square miles covered

  • 5 million people

    5 million people served

  • 7,200 staff

    7,200 staff employed

  • 3,500 emergency calls

    3,500 emergency calls taken on average each day


“ISO 22301 plays a key role in Yorkshire Ambulance Service being able to deliver key NHS services across Yorkshire.” 

Angela Vinand Business Continuity Manager, Yorkshire Ambulance Service
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Preparing for business continuity

Helping YAS achieve certification helped put people first – benefiting the patients and staff of Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

ISO 22301 emphasizes the importance of developing business continuity management processes, and continuous organisational improvement based on regular audits and measurements. It’s one example of why we are a trusted partner.

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