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Loss Prevention and Digital Resilience

Minimizing the impact of increasingly prevalent digital breaches to ensure a rapid and effective response to build breach resilience.

Proactively responding to major incidents, effectively mitigating breach impacts, and supporting efficient recovery

Empowering your business to swiftly tackle threats, our advanced loss prevention strategies and meticulously designed processes minimize operational disruptions and guide recovery for stronger outcomes and lasting resilience.

Protecting and enabling your digital business operations

We assess your digital operating landscape, risk appetite, and future goals for effective loss prevention.

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    Delivering confidence in your digital investments to protect your business strategy and outcomes.

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    Assessing current capabilities, future intentions, and developing a digital trust pathway.

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    Adapting customized breach resilience roadmaps to your ever-changing business requirements.

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    Partnering with our expert teams to navigate toward enhanced data protection.

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Shaping the Future

Securing tomorrow, today: Leading the way to a resilient digital landscape

We enable organizations to embrace digital transformation confidently, ensuring a secure, resilient, and trustworthy digital future.

Using our best-in-class innovative cybersecurity, privacy, and AI solutions, our experts help you build trust, drive industry standards, support digital innovation, and adapt to evolving threats.

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Partner with Us

Protecting your digital journey with unmatched expertise

We focus on understanding the intricacies of cybersecurity, providing your organization with expert guidance in loss prevention and data management solutions.

By partnering with us, you’ll gain the respected advice of a body that is truly global, and capable of scaling to whatever regional or cross-regional restrictions you may face. To date, more than two million organizations have benefited from our best practice standards designed to deliver enhanced digital business resilience.

Our Process

Forging a pathway towards digital business resilience

  • Identifying risks
  • Unique challenges and threats
  • Incident investigation
  • Business continuity planning
  • Annual review and comparison

Identifying risks

Detecting vulnerabilities, we help you establish tested contingency measures and build resilience in the face of adversity.

Unique challenges and threats

Implementing robust cybersecurity measures, we ensure that our solutions are customized to address your most pressing concerns, whether it's developing incident response plans, or enhancing data protection practices.

Incident investigation

Conducting thorough assessments to determine the root cause and extent of damage in data loss events. We work quickly to contain the disruption, recover lost data, and restore operations to minimize downtime and financial losses.

Business continuity planning

Disruptions are inevitable. We help you develop comprehensive business continuity plans to ensure that critical operations can continue in the event of a cyber incident, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Annual review and comparison

Conducting thorough reviews of your security and privacy posture to identify the areas for improvement. We empower your organization to gain invaluable insights to shape future strategies by analyzing past incidents and responses.


Covering a spectrum of scenarios in a variety of formats

Instructors combine technical expertise, first-hand industry knowledge, and innovative delivery methods for a dynamic learning experience.


Diverse consulting training exercise

Incorporate our tailored options and exercise solutions across varying levels of complexity from discussion-based, through functional, to full-scale.


Training development

Tailored: We send experts to understand your specific training needs, ensuring precise solutions.


Empower your workforce

Enable a culture of learning and development to address knowledge gaps and personal development for workforce retention.

Across the Globe

As a global standards body, we are active in 8,000 standard projects around the world, often spearheading the development of crucial new standards.

Enhancing your cyber resilience, our consultants are uniquely positioned to help, thanks to their deep regulatory, cultural, and regional understanding, no matter your digital trust maturity level.
To thrive in today's changing world, organizations need to protect the physical and digital well-being of their people.
Gold Standards

Safeguarding your digital journey at the forefront

We prioritize understanding cyber complexities guiding your organization with our expert loss prevention and data management solutions.

Empowering you in achieving compliance and safeguarding sensitive data through encryption and access controls. Our expertise in regulatory requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, and industry-specific standards minimizes cyberthreats and vulnerabilities.

Tailored by Sector

Building success through collaboration to empower multiple industries

Partnering with businesses across diverse sectors, regulated and unregulated, to develop tailored resilience strategies and proportional responses.


Financial services/banking/insurance

Supporting banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and financial service providers.


Government/public services

Our focus extends to government agencies, municipalities, and public service organizations grappling with complex risk management challenges.


Manufacturing/supply chain

Mitigating risks within the intricate ecosystems of manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics firms.



Assisting energy and renewable energy organizations, as well as utility firms in navigating risk landscapes.



Supporting telecommunications, IT service providers, tech product/services R&D, software, social media, IT services, and technology firms.



Offering tailored risk management solutions to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech firms.

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