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BSI Connect Plus

Collect, Analyse, and Act on Audit and Inspection Data With Connect Plus

Conduct audits with preloaded or self created checklists. Raise findings and create actions. Gain insight from real time dashboards.

BSI Connect Plus helps you get more out of your audit and inspection programmes

A simple user interface empowering people to collect and find audit data effectively, with powerful dashboards to identify improvement and inbuilt action management allowing issues to be addressed.

BSI Connect Plus is a powerful tool that empowers individuals and organizations to build resilience and improve their performance.

With its built-in data collection and management tools, BSI Connect Plus allows you to create and conduct your own audits and schedules, with flexibility to use preloaded audit templates or create your own.

Built with a mobile first mindset, your teams can collect audit findings on the go, providing richer data, increased visibility, and achieve more efficient action management.

Key benefits of BSI Connect Plus

When it's easier for people to record information, they can record better quality and more plentiful data from which better insights can be drawn.

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    Checklist library of preconfigured checklists, or create your own.

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    Conduct audits using a PC or mobile device with or without checklists.

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    Create findings from audits or in isolation including photo evidence.

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    Create actions to follow up from findings, audits or as stand alone tasks.

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    Follow up on actions findings and audits with automated notification.

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    Review performance on real time dashboards.

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