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Building Trust as the UK's National Standards Body

As the UK National Standards Body, we aid innovation, support economic growth and improve quality, safety and well-being through standardization.

We're appointed by the government to develop British Standards and represent the UK’s interests in standards development at a European and global level.

As the UK’s National Standards Body, we provide solutions to support government policies, tackle future challenges, and deliver trust for the benefit of all sectors and society.

By instilling best practices across all industries we open up market access and trade, drive innovation, and strengthen consumer trust.

We bring together a community of over 12,000 experts, striving to create positive change through our development of purpose driven standards and services.

By giving a voice to consumers and providing best practice to solve collective issues, we are shaping a safe and sustainable society that is ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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Trusted to build consensus-based standards that drive best practice

We've been building consensus since 1901, appointed as NSB by the UK Government, recognized in a Memorandum of Understanding.
Standard Development

We represent UK interests in standards development

BSI is the UK national member of the standards bodies ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC and ETSI, enabling UK influence to ISO, IEC & EN standards.
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Creating Impact

Our role is to share knowledge, foster innovation and instil best practice

In our trusted position, we collaborate on initiatives to help governments, public bodies and organizations globally maximise the value of standards.

Progress towards a sustainable world

As the UK's National Standards Body, we equip businesses with the knowledge to improve quality, safety, and sustainability.

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    We engage with experts, government bodies, businesses and consumers to develop standards.

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    We give a voice to consumers and provide best practice to solve collective issues.

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    We open up market access and trade, drive innovation, and strengthen consumer trust.

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    We publish over 3,100 standards each year, most of which are applicable globally.

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Helping you embed best practice in your organization

Our expertise creates opportunity, giving you confidence in new ideas, access to new markets, and shaping solutions.

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