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Amplifying the voices of Consumers

We are working towards a safer, fairer, better world where standards help organizations improve outcomes for consumers and minimize the risk of harm.

To maximize positive outcomes for consumers, it is vital that the people who buy, use and are impacted by goods and services are at the heart of standards development.

Standards benefit consumers by tackling important issues such as safety, inclusion, customer service, sustainability and digital privacy and security.

They are a valuable tool in the consumer protection toolkit, working alongside regulation, policy and enforcement. However, it is vital that consumers are involved in standards development to make sure they address real problems faced by real people.

As the UK's National Standards Body, it is a priority for us to ensure all relevant stakeholders - including consumers - are involved in standards development.

We facilitate opportunities - like CPIN and the BSI Consumer Forum - for consumers to speak up and make sure they have an equal voice.

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What is CPIN?

Consumer and Public Interest Network (CPIN)

CPIN is an independent organization, supported by BSI and the government, of consumer experts who participate in standards development.

BSI Consumer Forum

The BSI Consumer Forum is an open network of organizations from across the consumer protection landscape, that shares insights about consumer issues.

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    Members of the Forum include charities, regulators, enforcement agencies and government departments.

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    Senior representatives from UK consumer protection organizations form the Consumer Forum Council.

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    Members work in the interests of protecting the consumers they represent, through British Standards.

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    The Consumer Forum hold regular events to bring consumer stakeholders together and share insight.

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Discover how to get involved

There are many ways you can help strengthen the consumer voice. From becoming a CPIN Rep or joining the BSI Consumer Forum, to contributing directly to the development of standards, our team are happy to help you find the right opportunity for you.

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