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BSI Connect

All Your BSI Audit and Testing Information in One Place With Connect Portal

Drive greater value from your BSI audit and testing programmes with information and insight at your fingertips.

Creating transparency and trust between you and BSI

Having the status of assessments, corrective action plans and certificates visible across your organization builds confidence and informs action.

BSI Connect Portal allows you to track the progress of your corrective actions and certificates from your BSI assessments.

Portal's audit schedule, as well as its certificate, report and logo access, enables efficiency and improves visibility.

Its ability to analyse and benchmark your nonconformities and audit findings, as well as manage your corrective action plans, gives you the insight to spot important opportunities.

The result is resilience, empowering individuals and organizations to improve their performance.

What our clients say about BSI Connect Portal

The comments below are taken from the satisfaction survey in the BSI Connect Portal.

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    "Very user friendly. Information is presented logically and provides great historic information."

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    "Comprehensive dashboard of all our activities. Supports decision making."

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    "Everything in one place. Has all the information you need. It's a great one stop shop."

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    "A very useful tool to manage certifications and audits."