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Board Committees

Audit & Risk Committee

The committee is responsible for the financial governance of the Group, recommending the appointment of auditors, reviewing the annual financial results, considering matters raised by the auditors and overseeing the internal control system operated by BSI Group.

The committee comprises Douglas Hurt (Chair), John Hirst (BSI's Chair) as well as Ian Lobley, and Alison Wood (Non-Executive Directors); with BSI's Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer in attendance as appropriate.

View the audit and risk committee terms of reference (PDF) >

Remuneration Committee

The committee is responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions of employment of executive directors including the provision of incentives and performance related benefits. The committee comprises Alison Wood (Chair), Douglas Hurt and Stephen Page; with the Chief Executive in attendance as appropriate.

View the remuneration committee terms of reference (PDF) >

Nominations Committee

The committee is responsible for the selection and recommendation of the appointment of all directors to the Board.

The committee comprises John Hirst (Chair), Douglas Hurt, Ian Lobley, Stephen Page, Alison Wood (Non-Executive Directors) and the Chief Executive.

View the nominations committee terms of reference (PDF) >

Sustainability Committee

The committee is responsible for enhancing BSI Group’s attention to sustainability.

The committee comprises Stephen Page (Chair), John Hirst (BSI's Chair) and the Chief Executive.

View the sustainability committee terms of reference (PDF) >

Standards Policy & Strategy Committee (SPSC)

The main objectives of the committee are to be a focal point for the views of all stakeholders in the work of BSI in its role as the UK’s national standards body, and to inform and assist the development of BSI’s strategic direction and policy for national, European and international standards.

Dan Byles
SPSC Chair

Dan Byles was appointed as chair of SPSC in July, 2019.

Nikki Stopford
BSI Consumer Forum Chair
Nikki has more than two decades of experience in a variety of executive and senior leadership roles in consumer and business services.

Stephen Page
BSI Non-Executive Director
Stephen is a non-executive director with a joint focus on growth and risk in large and complex businesses.

Frances Morris-Jones
Non-Executive Director and Independent Consultant
Frances has had a 30 year career in oil and gas exploration primarily with BP Group plc.

Neil Tomkins
Chief Financial & Operations Officer, CBI
Neil is the Chief Financial & Operations Officer and a Board member at the Confederation of British Industry.

Rodney Turtle
Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs
Rodney helps to develop Schneider Electric UK’s public positions on the important issues of the day.

Debrah Harding
Debrah Harding has worked on behalf of the research sector for 20 years before which she worked in publishing and accountancy.

Irina Brass
Dr Irina Brass is Lecturer in Regulation, Innovation and Public Policy at UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy.

Rosie Glazebrook
Rosie is a Civil Service Commissioner, and chairs Publishers’ Licensing Services and an NHS Research Ethics Committee.

Richard Sanders
Assistant Director Standards & Accreditation, BEIS
Richard leads on standards and accreditation policy at the Office for Product Safety & Standards within BEIS.

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