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Strengthening menopause policies at Virgin Media O2 - An experienced woman mentors a female colleague
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Strengthening Menopause Policies at Virgin Media O2

Enabling people to speak up on the support they need.

“The BSI standard provides a level of credibility and authority when supporting individuals.” 

Clare Bliss Senior Bid Manager and Co-Chair of the VMO2 Women's Network, Virgin Media O2
Strengthening menopause policies at Virgin Media O2 - Team of creative businesspeople brainstorming around a laptop in the office

Supporting menstrual and menopausal health in the workplace

Virgin Media O2 wanted to promote discussion around menstruation, menstrual health and menopause to create a supportive environment for employees.

For several years, Virgin Media O2 has pursued best practice around advancing menopausal health. It recognized that a formalized structure was needed to connect open conversations with positive business outcomes.

The Challenge

Delivering impact across Virgin Media O2’s entire business

Elevating individual concerns while being inclusive of different experiences and perspectives was identified as critical to progress.

Starting in 2018, Virgin Media O2 sought to prioritize the well-being of its employees by promoting open conversations on the long-overlooked issue of menopause. The organization researched best-practices from a number of organizations, and surveyed employees for thoughts on their current menstrual and menopausal health well-being provision. This helped them identify adopting formal guidance as their next step.

The Solution

Inspiring confidence with a groundbreaking standard

Adopting an innovative framework addressing menstrual and menopausal health in the workplace helped Virgin Media empower employees and build trust in its processes.

Implementing BS 30416 Menstruation, menstrual health and menopause in the workplace – Guide showed Virgin Media’s women’s network that it took their well-being seriously. The standard enshrines menstrual and menopausal health into the company’s existing health and safety framework. This shapes thought and sheds light on a critical societal issue, while driving home the impact Virgin Media’s inclusive policies make on its employees.

Fostering a culture of openness and inclusivity

Virgin Media O2 identified and actioned a number of recommendations in the standard designed to help them to better support employees, including:

Strengthening menopause policies at Virgin Media O2 - Smiling audience applauding at a business seminar
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    Conducted SWOT analysis to determine where guidance had already been met and where the gaps were.

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    Reviewed existing relevant policies to check, evaluate and adjust all language to be inclusive.

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    Encouraged open conversations around menstrual and menopausal health, inspiring lasting change.

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    Continue to use BS 30416 to build a business case for enhanced manager, HR and union rep training.

Giving menopausal health a more powerful presence

The standard has enabled Virgin Media O2 to empower its employees to speak up about the changes they need to feel better supported:

  • 92% of respondents to a UK survey say that menopause affected them at work.

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  • 80% of menstruating workers experience period pain.

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  • In a poll, 72% said support for perimenopause or menopause would help women remain in work.

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“The standard changes the conversation, moving our activity from ambition to action.” 

Vanessa Kilburn Bid Director at VMO2 and Co-Chair of the VMO2 Women's Network, Virgin Media O2
Strengthening menopause policies at Virgin Media O2 - Two young women working together on laptop with male colleague in background

Accelerating progress towards inclusive workplaces

Giving organizations the structure and expertise to create effective workplace policy, driving better outcomes supported by innovative standards.

BSI provides organizations with the confidence to grow by partnering with them to tackle society’s critical issues, including creating equitable and welcoming workplaces, to accelerate progress towards a fair society and a sustainable world.

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