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BSI Connect

Manage scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions with Connect Climate

Achieve sustainability goals through scalable and automated reporting with our technical expertise in decarbonization and supplier engagement.

Unlock the potential of your organization's sustainability journey with BSI’s Connect Climate.

Our platform empowers organizations to tackle their environmental impact. In a complex, ever-evolving business landscape, staying ahead means recognizing the urgent need to address climate change.

The solution for organizations seeking to measure, report, and improve their sustainability performance.

Built on proven technology, catering to organizations at every stage of their sustainability journey, it provides a comprehensive approach, helping companies manage and enhance their value chain.

Connect Climate goes beyond software - providing a wealth of resources, expert practitioners, and invaluable sustainability expertise. So, you're gaining a platform and accessing a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures sustainable practices.

Evaluate. Measure. Report. Act.

Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive ESG accounting and reporting services.

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  • Evaluate: What are your goals, and where do you want to go, no matter maturity?

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    Measure: Track all your GHG emissions – Scopes 1-3 with one source of truth. One platform.

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    Report: Streamline communications and analyse your collected data with up-to-the-minute dashboards.

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    Act: Utilize industry experts and proven strategies to attain your sustainability goals.

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Accelerating our path towards a net zero world in 2050

Using a consensus-building approach, we created a ground-breaking project with ISO, Race To Zero and the UN to help us reach our sustainability goals.

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