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About Us

We Empower Our People to Help You Accelerate Progress and Deliver Impact

With decades of experience working with all types of organizations, we know how to equip our people to understand and solve your challenges.

We hire the best and continually train our experts to be your partner for progress

When you decide to improve your organization by adopting certification, our client managers will be right beside you for the journey. Wherever you start from, they'll get you where you need to be.

Our client managers are a valuable resource. They work tirelessly to understand your unique goals and help you achieve them. Your client manager will also stay with you from application to certification and beyond, helping you to create a strong and sustainable future.

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Train with the best to become the best

Passing on knowledge, experience and best practice to achieve long-lasting impact.

Our tutors are experts in their fields, turning their experience into your expertise to offer you a world-class learning experience. Many have trained assessors who check your organization's standards compliance, so they understand your challenges.

Learn more about our people

Like any business that innovates over decades, people are key to our success. Explore some of the people behind our work today.

  • Our client managers

    Client managers are key to your success, taking a deep personalized interest in your goals and ensuring you get the most from your investment.

  • Our tutors

    Our tutors are field leaders; they train client managers who assess your organization to keep your learning in line with your company’s certification.

Putting people at the heart of progress

Expertise, collaboration and knowledge-sharing are central to building a culture where the value of standards is understood and upheld.

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    Our tutors are industry experts with 250+ years' experience. Delegates regularly rate them 9/10.

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    Our executive team has 50% female representation which includes our CEO, CFO and CPO.

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    Our people recognize where excellence can be achieved and how to best equip your employees.

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    Our training courses cover a range of topics from ISO standards to key business challenges.

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Put your people first

In any workplace, nothing’s more important than your people. Our people are your trusted partners who can help you explore how to deliver and maintain the very best for your employees.

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