PAS 1899:2022

PAS 1899:2022

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PAS 1899:2022
PAS 1899:2022
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Electric vehicles – Accessible charging – Specification

Enabling more accessible EV charge points

What’s happened and why?

With the aim of providing an inclusive experience for people with accessibility needs, PAS 1899:2022 is a new standard giving designers, procurers and installers essential specifications on how to provide accessible public charge points for electric vehicles. 

What does PAS 1899:2022 cover?

It covers the physical aspects of the environment surrounding fixed charge points (e.g. kerb height, ground type); the location, placement and spacing of charge points within the streetscape/public realm; the information, signals and indicators to be provided to users; and the factors to be taken into account in the design and specification of accessible charge points (e.g. height of charge point, cables and cable management systems, bollard spacing, colours used on screens, weight and force and ease of use of the equipment).

Why use PAS 1899:2022?

It aims to support the building of an inclusive EV charging infrastructure in the UK. As such it can help designers, procurers and installers to:   

  • Anticipate and overcome restrictions and barriers that could prevent any user from making full and independent use of the charge point
  • Accelerate innovative practices
  • Improve the efficiency with which EV charge points are deployed
  • Build confidence in the accessibility and inclusivity of EV infrastructure
  • Strengthen the risk management of EV projects

The PAS can also be used by owners and operators to assess the accessibility of their existing charge points.