What is a standard?

There are certain ways of doing things that result in better outcomes, whether you’re building a house or making a cup of tea. When it comes to running a business, how we carry out tasks can impact how an organization runs, its productivity and efficiency levels, and wider reputation.

Standards bring together the expertise of manufacturers, academics, customers, trade associations, regulators and others to establish a best practice approach for doing something. Companies can then follow that methodology to ensure optimum results for manufacturing a product, carrying out a process or delivering a service.


A beginner's guide to standards

New to standards? Our beginner’s guide will get you up to speed. Find out what standards are, how they are developed, how they work and how they can add value to your business.


5 things to know about standards

Did you know that some contracts specify the use of standards before the tendering process even starts? Find out all this and more in our at-a-glance guide.

Benefiting your organization

Benefits of standards

The benefits of adopting any standard depend on the standard itself, as well as the business adopting it and the sector it belongs to. But for the majority of users, implementing standards comes with all kinds of benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • Increase your competitiveness and bid for bigger, more profitable projects
  • Operate more efficiently and increase productivity at every level
  • Improve quality of products and services
  • Access valuable industry insight and expertise
  • Enhance your reputation among customers and clients
  • Demonstrate your commitment to industry best practice, safety and quality
  • Ensure business continuity and resilience in times of uncertainty
  • Improve health and safety, and sustainability
  • Offer staff training and development opportunities
  • Protect customers and clients with safer, higher-quality products and services

How standards add value to your organization

Why standards?

How standards add value to your organization

Standards can improve your bottom line and profit margins, but can also add value in more unexpected ways like enhancing customer service and client relationships.

Client success stories

Implementing standards


What to consider when implementing standards

Planning ahead is essential for a smooth implementation process – but what should you be considering before you decide to adopt a standard?


Implementation overview

Implementation can feel like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. Explore our guide to the standards implementation process and how best to approach it.



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