Features and Benefits

BSOL is the online standards library that makes using standards easier and more cost effective. It's the most powerful way to manage a complete collection of over 90,000 BS, EN, ISO, CEN, CENELEC, ASTM and IEC standards.

"My notifications" email alert service

You will be updated daily to ensure you are always using the current version of a standard and be ready for change before your competitors

Annual subscription for easy budgeting

You can choose from highly flexible subscription options. Subscribe to the full collection, choose from 53 module subjects or customise your own collection

24/7 unlimited access to over 90,000 internationally recognised standards

You will be able to access standards at any time day or night and have a full technical support helpdesk, e- newsletters and training all available

Information accessible directly from the desktop

You will be able to browse, search and download the information. Documents can also be printed for individual use

Fast and easy access to over 18,000 ISO, ASTM and IEC standards

Add content from other standards bodies to further improve your business. Reduce costs on multiple sources – BSOL is the first and only tool you need to access the standards vital to the success of your business

Access to expertise and guidance from our BSOL training team

As a subscriber, you get free access to training resources, including remote training, webinars or face-to-face sessions at your organisation in both small and large groups depending on your requirements

Flexible search fields with easy to read results list and summary pages

You will be able to pinpoint the information you're looking for and see bibliographic and overview data. Hyperlinked and cross referenced content is available to help with international relationships

Clear and improved quality images using PDF presentation

You will be able to read results and summary pages with ease