Occupational health, safety and workplace well-being

Occupational health, safety and workplace well-being

BSOL for Health and Safety Professionals

BSOL for Health and Safety Professionals

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Key Health, Safety and Well-being standards

  • BS ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems, is at the heart of creating a safe and healthy workplace, so that you’re getting and creating the best for your people.
  • PD ISO 45001 Handbook is a practical guide for SMEs using ISO 45001, to help them unlock the full potential of their people.
  • BS ISO 45003 is a supporting document on Psychological health well-being at work. It recognizes wellbeing as defined by the fulfilment of the physical mental and cognitive needs and expectations of a worker related to their work.
  • BS EN ISO 27500 is the standard on human-centered organizations, laying out the values and beliefs that make an organization human-centered, the significant business benefits that can be achieved and the risks of not being human-centered.
  • BS 76005 is a code of practice for valuing people through diversity and inclusion. As with many of the best-known standards in the world, BSI has led the way and BS 76005 is now in the process of being made into an international standard.
  • PD ISO/PAS 45005 is a new international standard pioneered by BSI, freely available, with general guidelines for safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • BS 65000 is the standard on organizational resilience, designed to help organizations plan for sudden shocks or gradual change, including building resilience through a people-centered approach.

Digital Workplaces webinar

What’s this webinar about?

The current pandemic has accelerated and intensified efforts to re-imagine office workplaces. We need them to be more adaptable, more supportive of health and wellbeing, and enablers of greater productivity.

Rapid innovation in digital technologies, from IoT sensors to AI, can bring this about – but there are challenges to overcome. However, if we get it right, the increase in UK productivity could be worth up to £70 billion per year.

This webinar considers:

  • The potential value of healthy, high-performing workplaces
  • The role of smart technologies, data and analytics in delivering the desired benefits
  • The challenges that have held back investment
  • The role of collaboration and consensus-based good practice in accelerating adoption and unleashing value
  • Examples of existing good practice from industry and government

Who is this webinar for?

Building owners and occupiers, people in estates/building management or digital transformation roles, HR/talent teams, Central and local government, Civil engineering, Construction, Facilities management, IoT and smart device manufacturers, Data and analytics providers