Previously published research on economic benefits of standards

Standards research reports 2000-2014

Over the last few decades there have been numerous research studies carried out on the economic benefits of standards and standardization. Here we share a number of these reports undertaken from around the world between 2000 and 2014.

  1. BSI UK SME Landscape Report (Stage 1)
  2. BSI UK SME Landscape Report (Stage 2)
  3. Economic Benefits of Standardisation, Standards Australia 2014
  4. ISO Case Studies, 2012
  5. ISO Case Studies, 2011
  6. The economic benefits of standards to New Zealand, Standards Council of New Zealand 2011
  7. The Economic Benefits to Standardization, DIN 2011
  8. International Standards and Trade: A Review of the Empirical Literature, Swann 2010
  9. The Economic Impact of Standardisation, AFNOR 2009
  10. Economic Value of Standardisation, Standards Council Canada 2007
  11. The Empirical Economics of Standards, DTI 2005
  12. Economic Benefits of Standardization. Summary of Results. Final Report and Practical Examples, DIN 2000
  13. The Economics of Standardization, Swann 2000