Resource Management and the Circular Economy

The move to a ‘circular economy’ has been identified as a significant opportunity for UK business. It will contribute towards a resource efficient and low-carbon economy, reducing costs and supply chain risks, while generating economic and social value.

Following a recent review of waste policies, it was recommended that government "work with standard setting organizations to encourage inclusion of more waste prevention requirements in product standards" prompting we to produce a due diligence report into existing standards, followed by a stakeholder forum to identify gaps and priority areas for standardization.

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We have already developed a number of standards that support waste prevention, resource efficiency, eco-design and remanufacturing, but recognise that there is no one standard focussed entirely on the concept of the circular economy and resource management. 

BSI has set up the committee, SDS/1/10 Sustainable Resource Management, to draft the first circular economy standard. BS 8001 Framework for implementing circular economy principles in organizations – Guide is intended to continually improve an organization’s transition from a linear to a more sustainable circular mode of operation. It provides circular economy principles that should be applied when applying the proposed framework for action. The intent is that any organization could use this standard, no matter how advanced their journey to a circular model is.

The framework will guide organizations through the interest/scoping phase, progressing them to piloting/exploration phase, before moving into the implementation steps. To support the framework, BS 8001 will provide guidance around the specific issues surrounding the transition to a circular model (e.g. logistics, measurement, liability & insurance, materials.), as well as guidance on the specific associated business models (remanufacturing, leasing, sharing economy, etc.).

BS 8001 is at a public comment phase and the publication target date is Spring 2017.

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