Implementing PCI DSS

Step 2 of 3: Implementation

Where do i start with implementing PCI DSS?

Implementation of a standard like PCI DSS becomes much clearer once you have determined the scope for your organization. This will be different depending on your organization’s role when it comes to handling payment card data.

You need to:

  • Determine your scope

We can deliver onsite scoping workshops where we work with your organization to understand your role and different touch points to help determine your scope.

Our PCI DSS training course will provide you the knowledge and skills to determine your scope ,as well as understand the core requirements for PCI DSS so you can identify the best approach for implementation

  • Ensure your organization understands the principles of PCI DSS , the roles individuals they’ll need to play and review your activities and processes against the standard

  • Let us facilitate your implementation of the requirements, such as security controls, encryption and patch management*

  • Understand how close your PCI DSS is to meeting the requirements in order to be certified. BSI PCI DSS gap assessment

  • Consider using our Entropy Software to support with implementation.

*Only available to clients who are not ISO/IEC 27001 certified with BSI