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Tackling mental health - Workers packing fresh strawberries into trays on fruit farm
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    Health & Safety

Tackling Mental Health and Well-Being in the Workplace

Understand challenges and solutions linked to dealing with mental health issues and managing workplace well-being.

Organizations that prioritize their people don’t just survive, they thrive

Explore insights from senior leaders on the challenges and solutions linked with addressing mental health issues and cultivating workplace well-being.

  • Discover how to clearly define and deliver a robust mental health and well-being strategy.

  • Find out how to achieve effective communication and engagement across a diverse organization.

  • Understand the importance of upskilling, educating and empowering managers to facilitate change.

  • Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your initiatives to promote workplace well-being.


  • Contributor

    Kate Field, BSI’s Global Head Health, Safety & Wellbeing

    With a health and safety career spanning two decades, Kate has authored regulatory and technical guidance and is a successful global keynote speaker.

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