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Helping British Sugar Measure and Report its CO2 Emissions

Bringing transparency and accuracy to carbon footprints.


“By verifying our CO2 emissions, BSI has helped us demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and build trusted relationships with customers.” 

Phil McNaughton Head of Decarbonisation, British Sugar
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The People

Verifying British Sugar's impressive sustainability credentials

British Sugar is one of the biggest and most efficient sugar processors in the world, partnering with around 2,300 growers to produce homegrown sugar.

Being a national leader in the food and agriculture sector comes with responsibilities, including promoting ethical transparency across operations. This was increasingly important for British Sugar's brand and partnerships.

The Challenge

Paving the way forward for food sustainability

British Sugar needed a long-term strategy that would help them reduce their environmental impact and make improvements across their supply chain.

As a responsible business, much of British Sugar's sustainability progress had been made by collaborating with companies across its supply chain. They had already worked on a number of smaller, incremental projects and established three sustainability pillars: economic, social and environmental.

The next step for British Sugar was to be able to objectively demonstrate progress to their partners and stakeholders.

The Solution

Bringing transparency and accuracy to CO2 reporting

To help British Sugar's long-term sustainability projects, we objectively verified their reduction in CO2 emissions, through greenhouse gas verification with UK Emissions Trading Systems (ETS).

As British Sugar's long-term partner, we were able to help their teams put in place clear reporting processes that could be objectively verified by an independent third party. Not only would this help British Sugar reduce its impact on the environment, it would also help them demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and build trusted relationships with customers.

This process has helped protect British Sugar from risks associated with non-compliance including fines, legal action and negative publicity.

Accelerating the real-world impact of sustainability strategies

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  • needed

    Effectively respond to customer queries as we verify their CO2 emissions.

  • needed

    Maintain constant visibility with their plan, do, check, act cycle.

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    Invested in an anaerobic digestion plant, generating ~5MW of green energy for the national grid.


“Customers are increasingly interested in what we do to reduce our carbon footprint. Being able to say that BSI verifies our CO2 emissions helps us.” 

Phil McNaughton Head of Decarbonisation, British Sugar
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Building trust through sustainability

We're helping companies of all sizes in the food industry make positive change with our global expertise. Together, we can create more sustainable business practices and reduce the food industry's impact on the environment.

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