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Accelerating our Path Towards a Net Zero World in 2050

Using a consensus-building approach, we created a ground-breaking project with ISO, Race To Zero and the UN to help us reach our sustainability goals.

The Challenge

Realizing our net zero ambitions

In the race to drive commitment to a more sustainable world, how should organizations and governments separate the signal from the noise in a fast-evolving landscape with many competing frameworks?

The science surrounding climate change is clear. Organizations around the world know that they need to take action to halt and reverse their impact on the planet - but to do so effectively, they need actionable guidance that accelerates our progress towards net zero.

The Solution

Creating clarity around climate action

Harnessing world-leading expertise from ISO, Race to Zero and the UN, "Our 2050 World" offers a clear vision supported by standards designed to speed up the global transition to net zero.

More than 1,200 organizations and individuals across the globe contributed to this guide through the international standards system including policymakers, businesses, and sustainability experts. This ensures that the document covers each stage of net zero action and embeds important, often under-represented, areas of consideration.

Standards that support net zero goals

Our 2050 World ensures that every organization, regardless of size or sector, can access insight that can help them accelerate their net zero goals.

Net World 2050 - Engineers using digital tablet at sunny wind turbine power plant
  • Needed

    Offers a global common baseline for every organization to follow

  • Needed

    Clear guidance on sustainability, no matter your net zero maturity

  • Needed

    The latest best practice drawn from trusted, reputable expertise

  • needed

    Clarity and consistency on targets, measurement and reporting

  • Needed

    Driven by globally recognized ISO standards

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Accelerating transformative climate action

We shape and embed best practice so that professionals can become future ready. As the world leader in developing standards for sustainability, BSI offers training and certification that makes a positive impact on our progress towards net zero.

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Creating a net zero ready landscape

Learn how BSI can guide your organization towards best practice on climate action no matter where you are on your sustainability journey.

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