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    Supply Chain

Delivering Transparency and Consistency for Global Supply Chains

Keeping borders safe through a trusted partnership with the Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN).


“We're providing digital transparency of supply audits to meet global standards, reduce fatigue and ensure secure delivery of trans-national shipments.” 

Dan Purtell Group Innovation Director, BSI
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The Partnership

Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN)

Our partnership with SCAN helps organizations build supply chain transparency and trust and reduce risk via a common approach to supply chain audits.

SCAN is an industry trade association with members spanning retail, apparel, food and sport. It was introduced in 2017 to establish an audit-sharing platform (based on global compliance standards) and help improve consistency while lowering costs.

The Challenge

Strengthening collaboration and communication to drive continuous improvement

One of the most common obstacles shared by disparate parties across global supply chains is the repetition of Supply Chain Security audits.

Modern supply chains are complex and interconnected. Suppliers are increasingly experiencing audit fatigue due to repeated auditing by multiple firms against very similar requirements, meaning they are left spending a disproportionate amount of time responding to audits and less time focusing on other initiatives and business priorities.

This process slows operations, reducing the time to close out audit actions and impacting supply chain throughput time. It increases global emissions as specialists travel excessively to enable these audits.

The Solution

Rethinking audit processes while maintaining compliance and confidentiality

We've partnered with SCAN on the continual development of a common, compliant audit approach.

For suppliers to effectively adopt this universal approach, third-party programme management was needed. Our SCREEN Edge platform helps auditors manage audits and corrective actions, enabling standardized reporting and trend analysis.

To support reduced carbon emissions and increase trust, the partnership has also made digital supply chain investments in the blockchain to leverage audit authentication and support factory certification verification. Our Immersive Audit process and technology have been developed to deliver zero-carbon auditing.

Ensuring consistency and quality to accelerate growth

SCAN aims to improve supply audit efficiencies. Through our partnership and contribution of network members, organizations worldwide achieve:

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    Global efficiency: one security audit report is accepted by all SCAN members.

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    Streamlined processes: secure, automated method to share audit results with SCAN Membership.

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    Consistency: a standardized Corrective Action Plan for facility improvement.

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    Transparency: complete management and reporting of SCAN Corrective Action process.

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    Cost savings: reduced audit costs due to fewer audit requests.

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    Rationalization: fewer supply chain audit requests.

Efficiency and innovation improving the bottom line

Critical organizations (including US Customs and the CTPAT organization) have now been introduced to SCAN and acknowledge the benefits.

  • 4,000

    4,000 audits a year.

  • 22,000

    22,000 audits since the programme begun in 2017.

  • 88%

    88% of SCAN members benefitting from shared audits.

  • $7.7 million

    $7,733,600 cost saving in 2022 through saved audits.

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A trusted partner across the globe

We partner with some of the United States' largest importers, exporters and organizations, representing the largest pharma companies and retailers.

Our experts use over 100 years of combined experience in delivering countries worldwide, to combine management systems expertise with deep subject matter expertise to help you manage risk and solve challenges.

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