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Case study – ANSTO BSI certification to ISO 45001 - Engineers in Charging Hall
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Putting People First by Strengthening Health and Safety Management

Having safety at the heart of its culture aligns ANSTO with BSI's mission. It's a partnership which helps people and the environment.

“Globally recognized certification from a respected international body like BSI lends credence and lustre to our certification” 

Shelley Levy Leader WHS Systems, ANSTO
Case study – ANSTO BSI certification to ISO 45001 - Engineers using sensors on pile cap in nuclear power station

ANSTO - Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organization

Accelerating nuclear innovation while continuously striving to ensure that potential hazards and risks are as low as reasonably achievable.

Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) is a government agency which has responsibility for much of the country's key national research and science infrastructure, including Australia's only nuclear reactor.

The Challenge

Case study – ANSTO BSI certification to ISO 45001

ANSTO undertakes a wide range of activities that benefit Australia through the careful application of nuclear-based science. But this inevitably comes with a level of risk.

Safety has always been at the heart of ANSTO's culture, which aligns with BSI's mission. Given the inherent hazards in handling radioactive, chemical and biological materials, safety is paramount - and heavily regulated.

When ANSTO became the operator of Australia's only nuclear reactor, it sought to integrate the two organizations' Health and Safety management systems while maintaining all existing regulatory commitments. ANSTO also wanted to benchmark itself against external standards to continually improve best practice in operational safety.

The Solution

A robust and proactive Occupational Health and Safety framework that inspires trust

Through developing and applying a robust safety management system in partnership with BSI, ANSTO keeps risks and hazards as low as reasonably achievable, and in line with its regulators expectations

Certification to the globally recognized Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standard (ISO 45001) is helping ANSTO take its Health and Safety system forward while streamlining procedures and making efficiencies where it safely can.

For an organization such as ANSTO, public trust is in practice just as important as public safety. Today, it's well placed to deal with further change across its diverse facilities and manage emerging needs - all while maintaining a well-earned culture of trust, focused on prioritizing people.

A culture of H&S that benefits employees, regulators and the environment

Whenever health and safety meets nuclear operations, the stakes couldn’t be higher. It was essential that ANSTO comply with international standards.

Case study – ANSTO BSI certification to ISO 45001 - Engineers inspecting reactor hall in nuclear power station
  • All sites now operate under a single health and safety management system

  • BSI certification (ISO 45001) is held in highest regard by ANSTO regulators

  • BSI certification to ISO 45001 is held in highest regard by ANSTO regulators

  • Proves commitment to UN SDGs promoting safe and decent workplaces

  • Health and safety standards strengthen public trust in ANSTO

A reliable, consistent and proactive framework for Health and Safety

  • 80% of incidents within nuclear facilities are caused by human error - IAEA

  • 1,400 ANSTO employees now better protected under the new standards - ANSTO

  • 70 years of admirable ANSTO safety record to uphold and build upon - ANSTO

“ANSTO has had a long and beneficial relationship with BSI; they've been a highly supportive partner on our ISO 45001 certification journey.” 

Karen Wolfe General Manager, High Reliability, ANSTO
Case study – ANSTO BSI certification to ISO 45001 - Two engineers inspecting a valve in a nuclear power station

Making standards for the foundation for safety

Managing safety risks and evolving regulations is difficult. As a trusted partner, we can make a culture with safety at the heart a reality.

Helping ANSTO achieve BSI certification (ISO 45001) helped put people first - offering the potential to benefit not only its employees, but society and the environment as well. BSI can help you deliver similar success. Get in contact to find out how.

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