BS 10008 Revision

BS 10008:2014 has now been published

A new version of BS 10008 for an electronic information management system is now available. This revised version of BS 10008 has been written in accordance with Annex SL, the new high level 10 clause format, which will become common to all management system standards moving forward.

In reviewing the standard, the committee has recognized the significant changes that have taken place in recent years in relation to the way in which information is managed as an asset in organizations. Structured data is now included within the scope of the revised standard, and it also emphasizes the importance of stewardship of electronic information as an organizational activity.

I’m currently certified to BS 10008. What do I need to do?

Now the revised standard has been published, BSI will support you through a transition process to the new version. A transition period will shortly be confirmed (likely two years) and we will provide you with guidelines and resources to help make your transition as smooth as possible.  It is envisioned that BSI clients will be transitioned as part of their regular continuing assessment visits (CAV’s). 

Part of the reason that BSI is the first choice provider for certification is that we will support you through standard changes and revisions, helping you to understand how the changes affect – and benefit – your organization.

Check back here regularly to gain the latest insight into the development of the new standard.