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Level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing (On Demand)

Level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing (On Demand)

Level Understanding Duration 5 hours
Available to book: On-demand elearning £385 + VAT Book now

To meet legislative requirements in many countries, food businesses must ensure that food handlers receive the appropriate supervision and training in food hygiene. This course is ideal for those who are new to the food industry or to food safety, in food production roles, or other roles where a good basic knowledge of food safety and hygiene is important.

How will you benefit?

After completing the course, learners will be able to:

  1. Explain why food safety is important
  2. Describe the causes of foodborne illnesses
  3. List the different types of food safety hazards
  4. Explain how to behave and dress correctly when working with food
  5. Describe why and how temperature control is an important hazard control
  6. Identify the workflow and design of a safe food storage and processing environment
  7. Explain the principles of good stock management
  8. Describe how to avoid cross contamination in food processing
  9. Explain the principles of effective cleaning and pest management
  10. Describe the elements of a food safety management system
  • The course modules cover:

    1. Foodborne illnesses and food safety hazards
    2. The responsibilities of food handlers
    3. Temperature control
    4. Food facility design and construction
    5. Control of hazards in food facilities
    6. Food preparation and processing equipment
    7. Cleaning and hygiene
    8. Pest Prevention
    9. Food safety management and training


  • This course will be beneficial to those working within:

    • Production and operations
    • Engineering
    • Purchasing and supply
    • Distribution
    • Senior management (non-food)
    • Office and HR teams
  • On successful completion of the assessment, receive a digital Level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing certificate, available immediately

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