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Robustness for Neural Networks – ISO/IEC 24029-1:2021 Introduction

On-demand training course

Robustness for Neural Networks – ISO/IEC 24029-1:2021 Introduction

Level Understanding Duration 2 hours
Available to book: On-demand elearning £450 + VAT Book now

BSI has developed a 2-hour course that explores the importance and impact of implementing robust deep learning systems. We deep dive into the core of the ISO/IEC 24029-1:2021 standard, exploring all its technical parts and actionable contents. 

This course aims to give you knowledge of the main technical concepts of ISO/IEC 24029-1:2021, by explaining the different methods through which robustness can be assessed, as well as more advanced concepts such as data perturbation and abstract interpretation.

How will you benefit?

This course will help you: 

  • Build a toolset of methods that can help identify robustness issues  
  • Understand the different types of data perturbations, and their use in the creation of robustness test data sets 
  • Design workflows to detect and address robustness concerns 
  • Take steps to ensure that robustness assessment is part of the development and deployment of AI systems involving neural networks
  • Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

    • Apply the methods provided by the standard to detect robustness issues arising in the development and deployment of a deep learning system
    • Describe the main principles behind data perturbation and abstract interpretation
    • Construct protocols to assess robustness of a neural network
    • Data Scientists 
    • Data Analysts 
    • Data Engineers 
    • Machine Learning Engineers 
    • AI architects 
    • On completion, you'll be awarded an internationally recognized BSI Training Academy certificate
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