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Lead Implementer Training Course - ISO 50001:2018

Lead Implementer Training Course - ISO 50001:2018

Level Implementation Duration 2 days
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Leading the implementation of an EnMS requires a range of various technical and non-technical tools and techniques.

This course will build on related change management and implementation training to develop your knowledge and skills to lead the implementation of an energy management system aligned with the requirements of ISO 50001:2018.

Through various activities, group work and reflection you will gain an understanding and hands-on experience of implementing various aspects of an EnMS, including:

  • Leading an implementation programme
  • Project and process governance around implementation
  • Establishing alignment between organizational strategy and energy management programme KPIs
  • Identifying targets for improvement of a new/improved management system
  • Planning an energy review process to ensure realistic energy targets are set and achieved
  • Managing the documentation requirements of Energy Management System implementation
  • Managing the collection and analysis of energy management data and ensuring the processes of energy management are continually improved

Our BSI tutor will facilitate discussions, draw insights and experiences among attendees and bring to life the concepts for leading the implementation and maintaining an ISO 50001 energy management system. This will help you maximize what you learned in the course in your workplace.

  • Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

    • Communicate the benefits of aligning a management system to ISO 50001:2018
    • Identify the roles, responsibilities, and behaviours of an effective Lead Implementer
    • Be able to conduct a gap analysis of a management system against ISO 50001:2018 criteria
    • Produce an ISO 50001 implementation plan
    • Be able to identify and address the most common non-conformities found in an ISO 50001:2018 management system
    • Be able to engage implementation stakeholders to support the implementation of changes to align the management system to ISO 50001
    • Be able to present an implementation plan for ISO 50001 alignment to top management and senior stakeholders
    • Produce project objectives that are aligned with the project scope and intended outcomes
    • Produce tools to support and enable project team members to meet their objectives
    • Conduct an energy review to establish the significant energy uses (SEUs) of the organization
    • Identify and manage the documentation requirements of ISO 50001:2018
    • Effective planning and control related to SEUs
    • Produce energy management monitoring and audit programmes with sufficient resources to conduct effective energy management system audits
    • Establish an energy baseline (EnB) and select suitable energy performance indicators (EnPIs) to enable effective monitoring and measurement activities
    • Produce a project risk register and associated controls to support stakeholders to manage risks when completing their actions
    • Be able to hold project team meetings and coordinate project activities
    • Produce a corrective action plan
    • Be able to close a project and capture lessons learned to support the demonstration of organizational learning
  • Those who are responsible for the management and implementation of an ISO 50001 management system.

    • On completion, you’ll be awarded an internationally recognized BSI Training Academy certificate. 
    • Training course notes
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