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Food Safety Foundation Qualification

Food Safety Foundation Qualification

Level Professional Duration 9 hours
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A strong culture of food safety is now a requirement for all food businesses as per GFSI Schemes, CODEX, and increasingly food legislation globally. A grounding in key topics including food hazards, contamination, pests, allergens and food handling is essential for all employees, irrespective of position to mitigate risk of illness. 

Particularly relevant for new starters or ambitious team members looking to consolidate knowledge and advance their career, achieving a BSI Foundation Qualification in Food Safety is a key first step in demonstrating food safety knowledge: principles; best practice; and impact awareness of safety within food production. 

How will you benefit?

How will I benefit? 

  • You’ll be able to confidently explain the importance of food safety and have an in depth understanding of foodborne illnesses and food safety hazards 
  • Gain an internally recognized BSI Mark of Trust 
  • Recognize symptoms of allergic reactions and food intolerances and identify the foods most likely to cause allergenic reactions 
  • Understand how the 12 steps of HACCP are used to control and monitor food hazards effectively in food production 
  • Achieve formal recognition of your knowledge and ability to directly apply your skills in your organization 
  • Continue advancing your career progression and get access to a wider range of higher-level and more advanced specialized qualifications 
  • Join a global community of qualified professionals to share experiences and practical advice to use in your everyday life  

Which qualification will I achieve?

On successful completion of your qualification, you’ll receive a BSI Mark of Trust that can be shared across within your organization and across your network of contacts. 

  • Food Safety Foundation modules 

    Food Safety Foundation 

    • Explain why food safety is important 
    • Describe the causes of foodborne illnesses 
    • List the different types of food safety hazards 
    • Explain how to behave and dress correctly when working with food 
    • Describe why and how temperature control is an important hazard control 
    • Identify the workflow and design of a safe food storage and processing environment 
    • Explain the principles of good stock management 
    • Describe how to avoid cross contamination in food processing 
    • Explain the principles of effective cleaning and pest management 
    • Describe the elements of a food safety management system 

    HACCP Foundation 

    • Define HACCP and explain why it was developed 
    • Identify the different hazards in food production 
    • Understand the concept and practice of prerequisite programs for HACCP 
    • Describe each of the 12 steps of HACCP 
    • Explain the process of reviewing the HACCP plan 
    • Identify legislation relating to HACCP 

    Allergen Awareness 

    • Explain why allergens are a major concern 
    • Define the cause of allergic reactions 
    • Describe symptoms of allergic reactions and food intolerances 
    • Identify the foods most likely to cause allergenic reactions 
    • Describe the mechanisms used to control allergenic ingredients in a food facility 
    • Explain how to test for allergens in a food facility 


  • This course is ideal for those who are new to the food industry or to food safety, in food production roles, or other roles where a good basic knowledge of food safety and hygiene is important.  Job roles could include: 

    • Production and operations 
    • Engineering 
    • Purchasing and supply 
    • Distribution 
    • Senior management (non-food) 
    • Office and HR teams 
  • Each module is followed by a mandatory online multiple-choice examination. Delegates must pass the examination to be awarded the qualification. 

    On successful completion of your qualification, you’ll receive a BSI Mark of Trust that can be shared across within your organization and across your network of contacts. 

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