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BSI Diploma in Quality Management Training Course

BSI Diploma in Quality Management Training Course

Level Specialist Duration 9 months
Available to book: Distance learning £1905 + VAT Book your place

This diploma centers around guidance in ISO 9000:2015 covering Fundamentals and Vocabulary, and ISO 9001:2015 Requirements for a Quality Management System.

The diploma also takes into account the use of the 7 Quality Management Principles as the foundation for quality management systems.

The diploma is aimed at beginners, and for those who have experience but wish to widen their knowledge and expertise.

How will you benefit?

  • Enhance your career development
  • Contributes towards CPD
  • Achieve a professionally recognised BSI qualification
  • Help your organization improve its performance and customer satisfaction
  • Provides an introduction into quality management systems
  • Feedback from BSI's expert tutors
  • The course consists of 11 modules covering the following topics:

    1. Introduction
    2. Quality Management Systems and Quality Standards
    3. Quality Management Principles
    4. Challenges faced by organisations in a fast moving dynamic environment
    5. Leadership within the management system
    6. Planning within the management system
    7. Planning of resource requirements
    8.  Operational planning and control
      • Product and service provision including control of externally provided products and services
    9. Review of performance
    10. Auditing, Management Review and Improvement
    • The role of auditing within a Quality Management System
    • Different types of audit
    • Management Review
    • Improvement

       11. Review of knowledge enhancement

    • This distance learning quality management training course has been designed for everyone that would benefit from a broad understanding of what ISO 9001 is, how it will impact on their role and the benefits that should be seen from adopting its principles.
    • 11 modules course
    • Workbooks
    • Supporting documents
    • Tutor support
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