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Internal Auditor Training Course - BS 10012:2017 +A1:2018

Internal Auditor Training Course - BS 10012:2017 +A1:2018

Level Internal auditor Duration 1 day
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BS 10012:2017 +A1:2018 Personal Information Management System (PIMS) is designed to help organizations better understand, manage and reduce their risks around personal information. However, the framework is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution and its implementation will vary depending upon the nature, size and complexity of the organization, and the nature of the information it processes.

Once an organization has implemented BS 10012:2017 +A1:2018, it’s imperative that it measures the effectiveness of its implementation efforts to better understand what is working well and where things might be improved. The framework has been designed with flexibility in mind, which will enable organizations to respond to the results of their measuring efforts by making adjustments to their implementation.

By attending this one-day course, you’ll understand why measurement and analysis of the framework implementation is so important and what areas the internal audit should focus on to ensure its effectiveness.

This course will provide you with sufficient information on auditing the implementation of BS 10012:2017 +A1:2018 to enable you and your organization to understand, detect, correct and monitor the effectiveness of the framework. You’ll be provided with a series of practical activities and class discussions, which will develop your internal audit ability.

How will you benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Gain a greater understanding of some of the key operational requirements of BS 10012:2017 +A1:2018 (Clause 8) and how to go about assessing them
  • Practice your internal auditing skills by conducting four detailed process audits
  • Understand what areas should be audited, and techniques and approaches to consider
  • Establish an understanding of the issues organizations face when maintaining and auditing framework processes
  • Interpret some of the more subjective requirements of the standard
  • You’ll be able to explain:

    • The key operational requirements of BS 10012:2017 +A1:2018 (Clause 8) and how to go about assessing them
    • What and who should be audited and why
    • Where to look for evidence when conducting audits
    • Common traps that organizations fall into when implementing BS 10012:2017 +A1:2018
    • How to audit your organization by taking a pragmatic business-focused approach against requirements which can be open to interpretation

     You’ll have the skills to:

    • Conduct process audits in the following areas:
      • Roles, responsibilities and competences
      • Subject access request procedures
      • Suppliers
      • Incident management
  • Anyone who wants to learn:

    • How to assess the effectiveness of an organization’s BS 10012 implementation
    • Practical techniques and methods which can be adopted in order to effectively internally audit and maintain a BS 10012:2017+A1:2018 system
    • How to internally audit BS 10012:2017+A1:2018

    The course is applicable to representatives from any size or type of organization who are currently involved in planning, implementing and maintaining a PIMS to the BS 10012:2017 +A1:2018 framework.

    • Detailed course notes
    • On completion, you'll be awarded an internationally recognized BSI Training Academy certificate
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