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Audit Mentor: Workplace Learning Programme Training Course

Audit Mentor: Workplace Learning Programme Training Course

Level Internal auditor Duration 1 day
Available to book: In-house

This distance learning programme will support delegates as they return to the workplace from their internal or lead auditor training course to implement and embed positive change by developing their audit and surrounding processes.

How will you benefit?

In this training you will complete ten assignments

1. Initiate and schedule an internal audit.
2. Produce an audit plan.
3. Communicate your audit plan to the auditee.
4. Produce a checklist to support your audit activity.
5. Complete a top management interview.
6. Interview an auditee.
7. Generate audit findings.
8. Conduct a closing meeting.
9. Produce an audit report.
10. Reflect and identify improvements in your internal audit practice.

  • You will learn through 10 distance learning assignments undertaking practical exercises to build your confidence and collect evidence to submit from your own workplace setting:

    • You will plan, conduct, and collect evidence from audit activities and submit for feedback as part of your assignments.
    • You will have the opportunity to respond to your tutor’s feedback, demonstrate progression, evaluate your performance and identify next steps for your development.

    By the end of this training, you will be able to:

    • Organize and deliver an internal audit in line with ISO 19011 guidance.
    • Communicate the benefits of internal audits to internal stakeholders.
    • Produce an audit plan in line with ISO 19011 guidance.
    • Produce an audit report in line with ISO 19011 guidance.
    • Reflect on your practice to identify improvements.
  • Those looking to:

    • Build confidence in conducting internal, supplier, or external audits.
    • Obtain the support of a BSI Management Systems Tutor post-course to provide practical and targeted feedback on samples of your work to help you improve.
    • Employers looking to provide an additional mentor or support to newly qualified auditors
    • 10 assignment documents.
    • Use of the Mobile Practice communication platform to exchange assignments securely with your tutor.
    • Feedback from a BSI Management Systems Tutor with experience of delivering the internal and lead auditor training you will have attended.
    • On completion, you’ll be awarded an internationally recognised BSI certificate of achievement.
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