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Boosting Trade and Collaboration Across the Commonwealth - People in event
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Creating a Collaborative, Connected Commonwealth

Commonwealth nations trade more with each other than anyone else. Initiatives like sharing standards help boost trade and strengthen collaboration.


“The network empowers developing countries to have a stronger voice in the international standards community - which has benefits on a global scale.” 

Theresa May UK Prime Minister, 2018
Boosting Trade and Collaboration Across the Commonwealth - Three people discussing
The People

The Commonwealth Standards Network (CSN)

The CSN's purpose is to promote strong trade among all Commonwealth states through the adoption and implementation of international standards.

International standards play a huge role in promoting efficiency, reducing costs, removing barriers to trade, and driving economic growth. The CSN is dedicated to fostering more equal and sustainable societies, using standards as a starting point.

The Challenge

Collaboration comes from understanding and communication

The CSN seeks to involve more Commonwealth states in the standards conversation, to have more of a stake in the international community's future.

The CSN's key aim is to facilitate Commonwealth trade and poverty reduction through the increased use of international standards. It also strives to improve technical and institutional capacity to use and develop international standards among its members.

It requires continued active engagement and input from standards bodies within Commonwealth states - including BSI - to develop and deliver meaningful resources which aid all members.

The Solution

Uniting stakeholders across the Commonwealth with a single vision

Consultation with standards bodies across the Commonwealth means tailored resources and services are being developed, increasing collaboration and trade. BSI has been a committed partner throughout.

A dedicated online platform encourages collaboration between National Standards Bodies to support information exchange and peer-to-peer learning. Valuable resources including a toolkit have been created to support the implementation of standards.

Traning and workshops have also helped raise awareness of the benefits of standards. Several developing countries within the Commonwealth are being provided with technical assistance to gain the skills necessary to support domestic standards development and to use international standards effectively.

Creating a sustainable and profitable community of Commonwealth states

As the work for the CSN continues, members can share in many joint benefits, including:

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The power of standardization across borders

The CSN is well positioned to help Commonwealth states accelerate their collaboration and mutual growth

  • A-Z: From Antigua and Barbuda to Zambia, the Commonwealth represents a great diversity of states

  • 53 independent sovereign states in total make up the Commonwealth

  • 3.3x: Intra-Commonwealth investments generate more jobs than those from non-members

  • $1 trillion +: Intra-Commonwealth trade and productive investment

  • 20% more trade happens intra-Commonwealth than with non-member countries

  • 10% more investment occurs with each other than with non-member countries


“The network provides a significant opportunity for national standards experts to collaborate and share best practice” 

Theresa May UK Prime Minister, 2018
Boosting Trade and Collaboration Across the Commonwealth - Young businessman with multi-ethnic colleagues listening to presentation

Helping the commonwealth adopt and implement international standards

We collaborate with standards agencies and organizations across the Commonwealth to spread awareness and support the implementation of standards.

Would you or your organization like to contribute to standards development? We welcome new members to our networks (both organizational and individual) and are always keen to hear from consumer champions with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

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