Research and Intelligence

Research and Intelligence

Helping you make sense of existing and emerging standards

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Find out how we can help you though our research and insights team.

What we do?

Our Research and Intelligence team can bring you clarity and help you unlock the value of standards. 

We work for numerous government and business clients, carrying out research across a wide range of sectors and issues.

And to make sure you receive the most useful strategic and tactical intelligence, we also tap into the specific technical expertise of sector colleagues – both internal and external.

  • Find out the standards that are most useful to your organization
  • Make sure there are no ‘blind spots’ when you’re developing a new product or service
  • Avoid non-compliance by mapping standards against legislation
  • Keep pace with change by finding standards that support innovative areas
  • Spot gaps where new standards are needed to help the UK lead innovation
  • You benefit from a valuable breadth of skills

What we offer