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Making the future if flight - eVTOL flying over city
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Making the Future of Flight Safe and Sustainable

New air mobility technologies and airspace usage are untapped opportunities. Standards can support innovation, safe trialling and commercialization.


“The aim of 'Future Flight' is to promote new forms of mobility, better use of airspace, and prospects in the movement of goods, services and people.” 

Nick Fleming Associate Director, Transport and Mobility, BSI
Making the future if flight - EVTOL traffic in the skies
The People

Partnering with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and industry

UKRI is the national funding agency investing in research and innovation in the UK.

UKRI recognizes the importance of shared good practice and is investing in the Future Flight Challenge to accelerate air mobility. We're partnering with them, and working closely with the CAA and industry to deliver a dedicated standards programme.

The Challenge

Helping UK innovators fly high

For next-generation aviation technologies and airspace utilization to be safe and sustainable, agreed standards need to be defined to support new regulation and innovation.

New forms of electric, hydrogen and uncrewed air vehicles, such as drones and electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL), signal huge potential for economic growth.

Safe development, trialling and integration of these technologies into our airspace is fundamental to realizing their potential.

Future flight standards will be needed to support safe trials and demonstrations of new classes of air vehicles and accelerate the commercialization and industrialization of the sector.

The Solution

Mapping a greener and safer future for aviation innovation

UKRI’s Future Flight Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK, aims to show how new and integrated aviation can utilize leading-edge low-carbon and autonomous technologies. Standards are a key enabler.

The Future Flight Standards Programme, backed by UKRI, supports accelerated innovation, safe trialling of air mobility technologies, and UK leadership.

This includes the identification, prioritization and creation of consensus-based standards, an interactive landscape, and a standards roadmap to address gaps. The roadmap also forms a key part of the UK’s Future of Flight strategy deployment plan.

An online Future Flight Standards Hub underpins the wider programme through emerging best practice, knowledge sharing, and standards support.

Shaping a future where aviation innovation can soar

Engaging with the Future Flight Standards Programme will:

Making the future if flight - Blue Hydrogen filled H2 Aeroplane flying in the sky
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    Help stakeholders navigate existing and emerging standards for future air mobility.

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    Accelerate the acceptance of new classes of vehicles.

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    Enable organizations to collaborate and share knowledge.

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    Support SMEs and innovators to improve understanding of standards through training and guidance.

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    Raise awareness of industry innovation.

What Future Flight means for the future of transport and logistics

For society more widely, technologies emerging from Future Flight innovation will lead to significant impact on our everyday lives:

  • Increased sustainability: New ways of powering vehicles to minimize environmental impact.

  • Cost efficiency: New uses of technology, like drone inspections, can save money.

  • Advanced connectivity: Connecting rural and traditionally disconnected regions.

  • Reduced congestion: Providing new alternatives that could remove traffic from roads.

  • Increased consumer choice: Empowering consumers through a greater range of choices.

  • Integrated transport: optimising journeys through multi-modal transport.


“The Future Flight Standards Programme, and consensus-based standards, form a vital part of the wider effort to enable safe air mobility innovation.” 

Gary Cutts Future Flight Challenge Director, UKRI

Supporting innovation in aviation as internationally trusted partners

We play an integral role in other strategic programmes, from the Future of Air Mobility Accelerator to Zero Emissions Flight Infrastructure.

Building consensus and alignment can be very powerful when trying to enable collaboration and increase trust. Talk to us today and take control of your future.

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