Driving global organizations towards resilience

In order to overcome pressing business challenges, meet their performance objectives and deliver the financial results expected by stakeholders, the board of a global thought-leading organization wanted to focus on organizational resilience.


Working closely with their BSI consultant, the executive directors identified their key drivers and strategic goals and reviewed enterprise-wide risks that would most likely have an adverse impact on achieving their business plan.

The problem

Consequently the board prioritised three key areas for improvement and risk mitigation. These included crisis management, business continuity and information security – all of which could result in reputational and financial damage to the organization. 

The solution

Using real live scenarios, BSI’s consultant coached all the directors on decision making in a crisis. This provided them with confidence and hands-on practice, as well as the knowledge that they could function effectively as a team if a future crisis occurred. To manage the risks associated with protecting customers and company information, they designed and implemented an information security policy globally and supported these activities with awareness training and simple procedures and controls.

The results

This resulted in compliance with ISO 27001 – Information Security Management. Similarly, BSI’s consultant also helped them to achieve compliance with ISO 22301 for Business Continuity Management, minimising risks and the impact on the global organization in the event of a business disruption.