Putting quality at the heart of a complex business

With over 7,000 employees in 30 countries, the 2nd largest european body found streamlining their processes and establishing a culture of quality throughout their business difficult.


The problem

For several years the organization has intended for its primary business process to become ISO 9001 certified. Yet, with their vast number of employees in various countries, the organization's complexity made it challenging and they decided to bring in a management consultant to help get the right processes in place. 

The solution

The organization decided to partner with BSI Professional Services to guide them along the path to successful ISO 9001 certification. The process involved establishing a solid structure of project management and helping the management team to develop an effective internal communication strategy to clarify the benefits of using ISO 9001 throughout the business. Team members were then trained to use the new communication strategy, ensuring it reached all levels of the organization.

BSI's consultant also conducted a gap analysis and working closely with management, planned on how to best address these gaps. The next steps involved training for all internal auditors, help with the selection of a certification body and guidance on how to manage the certification audit.

The results

Within nine months of the project kicking off, the organization successfully passed their 14-day certification audit without a single non-conformity being raised. The ISO 9001 initiative is now also being rolled out to other parts of the business.