Putting quality at the heart of a complex business

With over 7,000 employees in 30 countries, this large european organization found streamlining their processes and establishing a culture of quality throughout their business difficult.

Creating stability in a time of instability

When a major investment bank faced a financial crisis, they wanted to do everything in their power to maintain high levels of service to existing clients and boost the morale despite unavoidable redundancies.

Smoothing transition through leadership

As part of an organizational restructure to facilitate company growth, a financial services firm decided to move some of their employees into higher positions but soon discovered that there was a lot to be learnt about leadership.

Streamlining a multimillion dollar business

When one organization is made up of five companies in various parts of the world, doing business as one can be challenging.

Helping to embed a refreshing change

As one of the world’s most successful brands with a growing portfolio, Coca-Cola Enterprises wanted to find a way to ensure they put their customers first and maintain the highest standards in every aspect of their business.

The story of a six-figure ROI

When FMG Support first approached BSI for Lean Six Sigma training, they never expected an £800,000 return on their investment. 

Cultivating a culture of continual improvement

With their business deeply rooted in the needs of their customers, Nippon Gohsei embarked on the Lean Six Sigma journey, slowly changing their culture to achieve extraordinary results.

Driving global organizations towards resilience

In order to overcome pressing business challenges, meet their performance objectives and deliver the financial results expected by stakeholders, the board of a global thought-leading organization wanted to focus on organizational resilience.