Customizable Assessments

BSI offers standard assessment questionnaires for today’s most commonly sought compliance needs including:  Social Responsibility, C-TPAT, FCPA, EHS, Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals and more. Our questionnaires come complete with a set of robust Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA) to address nonconformities, which are programmed into the SCM system.  The user has the option to automate the CAPAs, send individual CAPAs, or create their own specific CAPAs to address the compliance issue. These standard assessments and corrective action plans are available in 6 languages allowing you to effectively communicate with your foreign suppliers and factories.

Users have the ability to customize an existing questionnaire or produce their own company specific questionnaire to assess supplier or corporate compliance to company requirements and policies. Internal customized audits can be uploaded, and managed within the SCM system. Similar to a supplier assessment report, a corporate assessment is infused with BSI’s proprietary risk intelligence to provide you with a holistic risk-based overview of your operations. 

SCM Screenshot - Customizable Assessments