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Welcome and housekeeping

Susan Bookbinder, Journalist and Broadcaster



Organizational Resilience update

Howard Kerr, Chief Executive, BSI Group


The voice of industry: A lens on the business landscape

John Foster, Director of Campaigns, CBI

Using industry case studies and insight, John will examine what is influencing businesses today including prevalent economic factors,  technological innovations and the changing needs of the workforce. This holistic analysis of the business environment will set the landscape for the topics and discussions which will be explored throughout the day.



How business leaders can set a wellbeing strategy to improve Organisational Resilience

Dr Claire Douglas, Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing, SCS Railways

Claire explores the connection between organizational resilience and individual resilience. She will share her experience on how she sets the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for SCS Railways, a joint construction venture helping to build the HS2 Railway.  She will highlight how to balance the need to meet the project objectives whilst also reducing exposure to health risks, and the measures taken to track results. Claire will also explore the wellbeing strategy as an integral part of this approach and provide key tips for those at board level to consider when developing a health and safety strategy to maintain a resilient workforce.



Coffee break and networking


11.15-12.00 Workshop sessions

13.00-13.45 Workshop sessions

Managing your reputation in the wake of a data breach

Simon Jones, Senior Consultant, Chime Communications

Many organizations recognize that it’s ‘when’, not ‘if’ a data breach will affect their business.  Preparation is vital when it comes to counteracting the cyber risk - awareness training and ongoing testing is crucial for organizations to remain resilient. However, often the real threat is not the incident itself but the impact it can have on reputation. When breaches hit the media, organizations need to be able to respond effectively in order to protect client and stakeholder confidence. How do you ensure your reputation is protected, whilst managing the priorities of multiple stakeholders?

The importance of Organizational Resilience and how businesses can implement a fit-for purpose-strategy

Professor David Denyer, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change, Cranfield School of Management 

All too often leaders spend precious time laying out plans and processes for risk management and business continuity management, only to discover that their organizations are ill-equipped to face a business environment that is faster changing and more uncertain than ever.  The approaches adopted by businesses often look remarkably similar yet, effective organizational resilience never really consists of just one approach. What are the broader sets ways in which we can approach Organizational Resilience and how can a fit-for-purpose approach strategy be developed and implemented that works for your specific situation?  This session explores the importance of Organizational Resilience and how businesses can implement a fit-for purpose-strategy. 

Managers who value their staff, retain them

Kate Cooper, Head of research, Policy and Standards, Institute of The Institute of Leadership and Management

This session will focus on recent Institute of Leadership and Management research which reveals what makes people want a new job. Different age groups have different priorities, but a consistent finding was the extent to which they want to feel valued. This session explores what that might mean for both managers and the people they manage. Join Kate on the day to find out how to retain your best staff – and it’s not just salary related!

Disruptive technology – embracing innovation for future success

Will Butler IoT Marketing Innovation for ERA

A case study approach that will explore ERA’s adoption of smart technology. The session will explore the cultural changes required, hurdles faced and lessons learnt, and ultimately how ERA is facing the future.

How to accelerate business growth in SME’s through innovation

Ian O’Donnell, Non-Operational Director, The Federation of Small Businesses

Innovation enables SME’s to grow and prosper – taking a look at how business looks differently at the "resilience" topic by using the inherent "fleetness of foot" that being an SME offers, enabling you to respond quickly to changes in marketplace environment and innovating your way out of challenges and enabling growth.


Collaboration as a tool to support agility in the workplace

David Hawkins, Chief Operating Officer and Knowledge Architect, Institute of Collaborative Working  

The world is becoming increasingly complex and challenging - whilst technology has in many ways opened up opportunities, the future suggests that success will remain anchored in relationships, both corporate and personal. This session will explore how maintaining robust relationships is not simply a catalyst for growth and innovation, they also underpin resilience.

Supply Chain Sustainability – the key to Supply Chain Resilience

Sonya Bhonsle, Global Head of Supply Chain, CDP

Ben Ngobi, Global Procurement Sustainability Lead, Accenture

As global megatrends around sustainability and particularly impacts of climate change threaten to impact security of supply, having a robust interaction with your supply chain is essential to securing your businesses future. In this session you will learn how leading businesses are measuring and disclosing their supplier sustainability performance, to achieve supply chain security and increase investor confidence. As well as getting practical insights from CDP, Accenture and others on how to manage risk in complex global supply chains.


Key global security concerns & escalation management in practice

James Bird, Security Director, Intelligence & Operations, International SOS

Starting with a briefing on the key security issues facing business and their mobile populations, this interactive session will merge into a short Simulation Exercise detailing a credible escalation scenario. In small groups, participants will explore key crisis decision-points and explore the tools and methods to manage such a scenario.



Coffee break and networking


The future of international trade – panel discussion

Stephen Phipson, CEO, Make UK

Andrew Swift, CEO, Fera Science

More details to follow soon


Keynote: From personal to organizational resilience - How to thrive in turbulent times

Helena Morrissey DBE, Financier, campaigner and author

Helena will draw upon her own extensive experiences of leading change, and offer insights into how building her own personal resilience helped drive results at the firms where she has worked. Including Newton Investment Management, where assets under management more than doubled over her 15 year tenure as CEO. And Legal & General, where her focus has been on technology and engaging customers. She will focus in particular on the challenges companies face balancing process with today’s need for agility, and provide useful perspectives on how diverse thinking can help future-proof organizations.



Summary of the day

Susan Bookbinder, Journalist and Broadcaster