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Shaping Trust in AI - Female Farm Worker Using Digital Tablet With Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Analyzing Plant Disease in Sugarcane Agriculture Fields
  • Webinar
    Digital Trust

Shaping Trust in AI

AI Management Systems (ISO/IEC 42001).

Are you currently involved in the development of AI systems?

This webinar covers the standards impact on organisations and how it can contribute to a better approach to AI readiness and ethical AI practices.

  • Gain an understanding of the AI 42001 standard and its impact on different levels of organisations.

  • Trust can aid in AI readiness and preparation for forthcoming legislations such as EUAIA.

  • Managing digital AI strategy and risk.

  • Model for AI governance.

Shaping Trust in AI

The webinar will provide an overview of the upcoming standard concerning AI Management Systems (42001).

  • David Mudd, Global Head of Digital Trust Assurance, BSI

  • Tim McGarr, AI Market Development Lead, BSI

  • Alex Tazza, AI Technical Specialist Team Manager, BSI

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