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Shaping Trust in AI
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Shaping Trust in AI

A global perspective on the impact of the EU AI Act.

Do you need to know how the EU AI Act could impact your business?

This webinar covers the updates on the EU AI Act progress, its history, the recent December deal and its potential impact on various industries.

  • Gain a full understanding of the EU AI Act, key components, timelines, and potential impacts.

  • Learn about proactive readiness and gain insights on how to prepare for the Act's implementation.

  • Learn why regions outside the EU should pay attention and risk categories associated with the Act.

  • Hear our panel discuss readiness, preparation and strategies for adapting to the EU AI Act.

Shaping Trust in AI

This insightful webinar provides an update on the EU AI Act's progress, its implications and impact, and the industries affected by it.

  • Aris Tzavaras, Head of AI Notified Body, BSI

  • Andy Armitage, AI Commercial Operations Director, BSI

  • Inma Perez, Regulatory Lead - AI Notified Body, BSI

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