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Incorporating Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Discover how green finance standards accelerate the integration of ESG factors into investment decisions.

Green finance standards can lead the way to a sustainable future

Essential insights for senior decision-makers seeking to drive sustainable long-term returns for investors while championing sustainable development.

  • Delve into our pioneering efforts in sustainable finance standardization.

  • Explore the role of governmental policies in shaping the green finance landscape.

  • Uncover the core principles and strategies driving sustainable finance initiatives.

  • Gain insights into effective management of responsible and sustainable investments.

  • Discover about the standardization of products for sustainable investments.

  • Understand the importance of professionalism in advancing the Green Finance Education Charter.


  • Contributor

    Ryan Lynch, Practice Director of Sustainability, BSI

  • Contributor

    Dave Blanchard, Editor in Chief, EHS Today

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