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How BSI is Helping Businesses Navigate AI Regulation

Founded in 1901, BSI is one of the world’s largest certification bodies. Now, it has launched a unit to help ensure AI systems meet stringent standards.

The regulation of AI is one of the most significant challenges of our time. As countless organisations and individuals harness the technology’s potential, the rapid acceleration of AI has led to extensive calls to ensure its use is ethical and trustworthy.

With the passing of the EU’s AI Act in March 2024, adhering to regulations has become increasingly paramount. Representing the first-ever legal framework on AI, the AI Act aims to address the risks of AI and position Europe as a leading global player, with the US, UK and China now working to publish their own guidelines.

Since 1901, BSI has been creating an enduring legacy of transformation for the benefit of all. Today, the organisation is well established to tackle today’s challenges, including ensuring the responsible use of AI for the benefit of society.

BSI Group has been featured in the May 2024 issue of AI Magazine.

In this exclusive interview, Manuela Gazzard, Group Director of Regulatory Services, and Mark Thirlwell, Managing Director of BSI’s AI Regulatory Services Business Unit, discussed how BSI helps customers navigate the AI landscape.

“What we aim to achieve is to make a meaningful impact towards fostering a fair society and a more sustainable world” – says Manuela.

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You can read the report in the latest issue of AI Magazine by clicking here.