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Ten point plan for a green industrial revolution

27 November 2020

Standards provide agreed best practice to support UK industry, government and society to build back better, support green jobs and accelerate the UK’s path to net zero.

BSI, in its role as the UK national standards body, welcomes the government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution and offers to lead the development of a national standards strategy to accelerate delivery.

Many areas referenced in the plan are the subject of international and fast-track standards development work already, including new standards which have recently been published in sustainable finance and vehicle battery technology.

However public acceptability of the range of technologies and the importance of an integrated approach to achieve net zero is essential. The consensus approach used in standards work will be key to ensuring that the consumer's voice is heard alongside the voice of industry and academic experts in reaching an agreement on technological solutions.

The ten-point plan will require a comprehensive strategy and roadmap for the use of standards to accelerate the delivery of all its multiple parts. Thirteen thousand volunteer experts support BSI’s work representing the breadth of the UK’s economic, social and governmental interests: industry experts, manufacturers, trade associations, academics, consumers, labour and the environment, government and regulators.

Scott Steedman, Director-General, Standards at BSI, said: “BSI is committed to supporting the ambition behind the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. As the UK national standards body, what we need now is a standards strategy that will enable the power of consensus to accelerate the delivery of the huge range of technologies required, at pace and at scale.”