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Telesoft Technologies made standards key to strategy - Two women working with computer in server room
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Putting Standards at the Heart of Business Strategy

As Telesoft Technologies looked to establish themselves and grow operations, they implemented a standards-led strategy to tackle emerging challenges.


“We strive to meet our commitments and always operate to the highest standards of industry behaviour and integrity.” 

Telesoft Technologies Testimonial
Telesoft Technologies made standards key to strategy - Mother and daughter using laptop together
The People

How Telesoft Technologies has kept one step ahead

With its eyes on the prize of becoming a key global player, Telesoft put standards at the heart of its strategy for growth.

Telesoft Technologies designs, manufactures and delivers Government infrastructure, telecom solutions and cyber security products and services. With a multi-million pound annual turnover, they have offices in the UK, India and a presence in the US to deploy their products and services all over the world. From their early days, they recognized that if they wanted to be a key player in the digital solutions market, then they would have to raise the bar on client satisfaction. Since then, the organization has been an avid user of management system standards.

The Challenge

Driving growth and value to remain competitive

From early in their history, Telesoft’s market research and client feedback showed that the best way for them to drive growth and value would be to implement a rigorously structured framework.

The digital solutions sector is fast-paced and competitive. From market research and client feedback Telesoft Technologies concluded that the best way for them to meet their objectives of driving growth and value was to implement a structured framework approach. They believed that standards would provide them with this framework to efficiently tackle emerging market challenges, from quality management and customer satisfaction to supporting the health and safety of their team and reducing their environmental impact.


The Solutions

Leveraging international management system standards to ensure success

Implementing four key standards comprehensively across the business has helped Telesoft to sustain a solid framework for increasing efficiencies – from product realization to customer satisfaction.

Quality management systems (BS EN ISO 9001) helped Telesoft to embed quality management into their processes, while information security management systems (BS EN ISO/IEC 27001) enabled them to prove they were protecting data and complying with information security regulations.

Environmental management systems (BS EN ISO 14001) is supporting Telesoft reduce its environmental impact and meet evolving climate-related legislation, while occupational health and safety management systems (BS ISO 45001) is helping them prioritize their people.

Staying one step ahead with standards

Telesoft have experienced the benefits of how management system standards enable them to actively achieve their business objectives:

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Telesoft Technologies made standards key to strategy - Brother and sister watching digital tablet on sofa at home
  • Secure significantly increased revenue from clients requiring supplier certification to ISO/IEC 27001

  • Comply with data protection and environmental regulations

  • Operate a more efficient tender process than competitors who haven't implemented these standards

  • Improve employee health and wellbeing

  • Deliver cost-savings from energy reduction

  • Benefit from a streamlined, centralized risk management process

A profound, measurable impact

The impact of Telesoft's strategy of putting standards at the heart of their business growth has been hugely positive. Areas impacted include:

  • Quality management

  • Security of information

  • Compliance

  • Efficiency and cost-saving

  • Health and safety

  • Customer satisfaction

Telesoft Technologies made standards key to strategy - Happy African man working on desktop PC at a coworking office

Embedding excellence into your journey

We have over 100 years' experience helping businesses improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth.

As Telesoft’s example shows, standards can be the critical frameworks businesses need to drive growth and extract the utmost value. Contact us today to find out how a commitment to embedding standards can help accelerate your success.

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