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Innovate UK Business Growth

Our educational program equips Innovate UK Business Growth specialists to help businesses.


“Businesses can learn a lot from standards about how to grow; they don't have to reinvent the wheel.” 

Martin McGurk Head of Operations and Impact, Business Growth, Innovate UK Business Growth
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Standards Knowledge

Working with Innovate UK Business Growth to empower specialists in standards knowledge

Standards are vital for resilient businesses and growth. Innovate UK Business Growth's support aids SMEs in accessing crucial information.

Standards are vital for resilient businesses and growth. Innovate UK Business Growth's support aids SMEs in navigating the pandemic and accessing crucial information.

The Challenge

Many businesses overlook the business benefits of standards

Innovate UK Business Growth aimed to change this perception and educate business owners about the potential of standards for growth and scalability.

Additionally, their innovation and growth specialists lacked knowledge about standards and their advantages.

To address this, Innovate UK Business Growth collaborated with us to develop an educational toolkit and training program. This initiative not only equipped the specialists to guide businesses effectively but also highlighted the value of collaborative, peer-reviewed best practices found in standards.

The goal was to help businesses recognize standards as a valuable resource for growth and provide them with expert advice on leveraging the standards landscape.

The Solution

Equipping specialists to drive solutions with standards

After identifying the areas experts needed training and post-training in, BSI developed a multi-channel programme with a dedicated microsite, a Standards Tools course and Standards Foundations course.

The Standards Tools course was a four-month programme of 14 training sessions delivered through presentations, live demos and Q&A sessions, teaching the Innovate UK Business Growth experts how to navigate the systems and access standards.

The Standards Foundation course, a three-month programme of 12 sessions, then ensured specialists were able to identify the right standards and advise on implementing them in practice. These two courses were underpinned by a dedicated website which housed all the content and other useful resources.


The Innovate UK Business Growth toolkit is benefiting SME clients by increasing standards understanding and effective operations. Results include:

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    Have more confidence in engaging with their clients on standards.

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    Understand what best practice exists in new industries and highlight it.

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    Navigate the standards landscape, knowing which can support future growth.

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    Accelerate the adoption of new technologies within growing businesses.

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    Give clients an opportunity to help shape future standards.

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    Identify and underpin new areas of innovation.


“Getting more businesses innovating better and growing at scale leads to economic growth and societal benefit.” 

Martin McGurk Head of Operations and Impact, Business Growth, Innovate UK Business Growth
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Strengthening expertise and accelerating growth

As the UK's National Standards Body, BSI has long collaborated with Innovate UK on numerous projects and standards development.

We have unique expert research and intelligence services, across sectors through its work establishing collaborative best practices, with standards addressing nearly all business functions and needs, from quality to environmental sustainability.

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Standards as enablers of innovation and growth

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