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Ensuring the Highest Standards for Operational Efficiency

Increasing operational efficiency and consistency were key to Fairford Medical's plans for driving business growth and expanding nationwide coverage.


“Adopting BSI standards demonstrates to our customers and suppliers that we're committed to the quality, products and services of our business.” 

Maria Cooksey Chief Operating Officer, Fairford Medical
Transportable Tier 1 Medical Imaging technology
The People

How Fairford Medical increased operational efficiency

When the time came to give direction and momentum to their growth strategy, accreditation was at the heart of acceleration.

Operating all over the UK, Fairford Medical provides cost-effective and suitable transportable Tier 1 Medical Imaging technology for the benefit of NHS and private healthcare operators. Founded in 2016, early success fuelled an ambition to expand.

The Challenge

Driving a sustainable strategy for success

For any small business, the decision to change strategy in order to expand is not without risk. Fairford Medical needed a trusted partner to supply the rigour and standards to underpin the expansion.

Fairford Medical's management team had recognized the reactive nature of their business operations. Identifying untapped business opportunities in the UK, they decided to get on the front foot.

When looking for opportunities to be able to expand their client base, Fairford Medical took the strategic decision to be on an NHS Framework. This would enable them to work with the NHS Trusts more easily, allowing them to increase their customer base. To get on the NHS Framework, they needed to meet the requirements of medical equipment suppliers.

The Solution

Making efficiency and standardization the engine for growth

Adopting a Quality Management System (BS EN ISO 9001) would unlock access to greater business opportunities for Fairford and help the company to grow strategically.

Setting out in clear detail what's needed to implement and scale a quality management system, BS EN ISO 9001 is the most widely recognized quality management standard in the world.

It laid a standardized foundation for Fairford Medical to continuously measure and improve their performance. Its processes could be adapted to meet their needs as a small, growing business, helping to organize every element of their operations to become more efficient and organized. This has now grown to cover every aspect of Fairford's business.

Navigating a future based on trust and quality

Alongside securing a successful increase in bookings, Fairfield has seen other benefits after meeting the requirements to be on the NHS Framework:

  • needed

    Access to a wider client base

  • needed

    A reputation for trust and quality

  • needed

    Greater efficiencies across all its operations

  • needed

    Increased focus on meeting strategic business objectives

  • needed

    Self-audit capability for continuous improvement

  • needed

    Flexible processes to meet unforeseen demand, such as the pandemic

Putting efficiency at the heart of greater choice in healthcare provision

QMS accreditation meant Fairford Medical was able to rent to the NHS directly, which led to a huge increase in demand:

  • 350% increase

    350% increase in rentals directly to NHS trusts

  • 18

    18 different mobile imaging technology trailers and support vehicle types in operation


“Creating standardized flow charts for business processes ensures everyone works in the same way.” 

Sally Glennerster Service Delivery Manager, Fairford Medical
Fairford Medical

Expanding your growth horizons

Fairford Medical saw a significant step-change in its business through engaging with quality standards.

Healthcare is just one of the sectors where our experts and analysts specialize. As the UK's National Standards Body, we help businesses of all sizes all over the world improve performance, reduce risk and achieve ambitious but sustainable growth.

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