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Empowering Sustainable Luxury through the Butterfly Mark Certification

BSI Consulting worked with Positive Luxury to build the next generation of the Butterfly Mark Assessment, underpinned by best practice.


“It’s incredibly important for us to have valuable partnerships to build this framework, governed by guidelines, legislation and best practice.” 

Amy Nelson-Bennett Co-CEO, Positive Luxury
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Sustainable Future

BSI Helps Positive Luxury Enhance Its Sustainable Scheme

Covid-19 and the climate crisis have accelerated the retail industry's focus on sustainability, and luxury goods have a huge role within that.

Luxury industry has the capability to lead the way in how brands source, design and craft their products – as well as influence consumer behaviour and their purchasing decisions. That's why Positive Luxury's Butterfly Mark was designed.

The Challenge

Preventing "Greenwashing", Ensuring Change

To do so, the company needed to revise the Butterfly Mark framework in a way that would help its customers put sustainability strategy right at the heart of their organizations.

Luxury brands face a complex array of challenges when trying to ensure the sustainability of their direct activities and their supply chains.

They also need a continuous improvement mindset, challenging established practices and constantly finding new ways to drive positive change.

As no two companies are identical, a one-size-fits-all assessment wouldn't work. Positive Luxury didn't want to create just another certification scheme but an insightful, data-driven tool that was robust, flexible and 'greenwashing'-proof.

The Solution

Sustainability with BSI Expertise

Working with Positive Luxury, we provided strategic advice and expertise in best practice and certification schemes to build this next-generation sustainability assessment.

Key to the revised framework was its customization to each company according to its activity or vertical, turnover, and the location of its operations and supply chain.

Instead of treating all businesses as identical, the framework assigns each brand a collection of Positive Actions that signifies their unique efforts, illustrating their sustainable and ethical business practices in a simple and consumer-friendly way.

This allows them to become more effective and efficient at sustainability in a way that works for them.


The updated framework helps businesses to develop and implement a tailored, progressive, action-oriented sustainability strategy, allowing them to:

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  • Needed

    Identify standards and best practices that underpin sustainability approaches

  • needed

    Set sustainability strategies that meet the Butterfly Mark assessment criteria

  • needed

    Implement sustainability improvements leveraging international best practices

  • needed

    Monitor, report and continually improve sustainability performance to meet Butterfly Mark criteria

The value of sustainability

  • 17% market share

    Sustainable Products have an overall 17% market share and a 32% share of growth.

  • 75%

    75% of sustainable goods sell better online than in-store.

  • 84%

    84% of customers say that poor environmental practices will alienate them from a brand or company.

  • Over 150 luxury brands

    The Butterfly Mark has helped over 150 luxury brands to up their sustainability standards


“This process ensures that the assessment and the outcome of it is fair, transparent and based on tangible points of proof.” 

Amy Nelson-Bennett Co-CEO, Positive Luxury
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Sustainability Consulting: BSI's Century of Excellence

BSI has helped shaped best practice for over 100 years, BSI is a leader in sustainability consulting, guiding organizations worldwide to integrate excellence, develop competence, and foster capabilities for long-term sustainable growth.

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