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A Strong Sustainability Strategy Built to Last

We are a purpose-driven organization, and accelerating progress towards a sustainable world sits at the heart of our strategy.


Our materiality assessment helps us prioritize activities, access sustainable opportunities and address urgent risks

There are four key pillars of implementation that we follow for success:
  1. The first is having the right team in place.
  2. The second is aligning our sustainability goals to wider company goals.
  3. The third is engagement.
  4. The final enabler is shared ownership.

Our success so far

Despite our sustainability strategy only being in place for a year, it has already made a measurable, positive impact on the business, our projects, and our people.
  • We’ve given each business leader their own carbon ‘budget’ for the year - linked directly with their bonus remuneration.
  • Our procurement questionnaire, risk assessment, and onboarding process also have sustainability at their heart.
  • Sustainability is now embedded in our facilities, properties, energy improvement planning, lease approval, and the design process in our lab testing.
  • Our travel policy includes a practical planning tool for our people when trying to make responsible travel decisions.

The key enablers to bring a strategy to life

By continually evaluating and analyzing key issues, we have identified three key approaches to being successful in our journey:

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    Using standards and commercial solutions, specs, products and services to be our best-case study.

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    Embedding sustainability in business-as-usual, activity and processes via awareness and engagement.

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    Driving data improvements, assurance, and digitalization.

Partnership as an acceleration lever

We strive to ensure that our sustainability work is connected to purposeful KPIs, and one of the levers we pull is to create meaningful partnerships.

  • UN Global Compact

    We are a participant of the UN Global Compact and are proud to support its principles.


    We align our strategy to the relevant UNSDGs and their targets, aiming to help improve their impact.

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Put sustainability at the heart of your strategy

By sharing the lessons learnt on our sustainability journey, we aim to support other organizations considering how to move from ambition to action.

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