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Accelerating Sustainability Success for Aston Martin Formula One® Team

Aston Martin Formula One® Team has capped its F1® comeback with a standards-powered roadmap towards net zero.


“We wanted to be at the forefront of delivering more efficient and sustainable solutions, quickly.” 

Simon Randall Head of Safety, Sustainability and Facilities, Aston Martin Formula One® Team
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The People

A historic team's drive to modernize its operations

Re-entering Formula One with a celebrated heritage, Aston Martin Formula One® Team wanted to lead from the front with a forward-thinking approach to sustainability.

The team's return to the racetrack coincided with a renewed focus on sustainability and driving wider societal change.

There was also pressure from F1®  with strict sustainability initiatives in place, including the FIA's 2030 net-zero target.

The Challenge

Towards a sustainable era of racing

Aligning its sporting mission with its corporate responsibilities, Aston Martin Formula One® Team sought to achieve sustainability across its operations, while making progress on its ESG policies.

From the construction of its cars to the maintenance of its facilities, Aston Martin Formula One® Team wanted to comply with and exceed industry regulations on sustainability.

However, due to the extensive global transport needed to compete in the races, Aston Martin Formula One® Team would need to find a way to reduce energy consumption, lower GHG emissions and better optimize its resources if it were to operate as sustainably as possible.

The Solution

Accelerating progress on climate action

A robust ESG programme bringing together staff, partners and suppliers towards a common goal of making a positive societal impact.

Aston Martin Formula One® Team embraced certification to achieve key climate action milestones and embed sustainable practices. Certification in Environmental Management (ISO 14001) has helped them secure three-star accreditation to the FIA’s Environmental Accreditation Programme and improve management in Scope 3 emissions and logistics operations.

They are working towards further sustainability-linked standards in Energy Management (ISO 50001), Sustainable Events Management (ISO 20121) and Carbon Footprint Verification (ISO 14064-1).

Leading the way in lowering carbon

As an instantly recognizable brand in a global sport, Aston Martin Formula One® Team are driving positive climate action forward at impressive speed.

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    Ensuring compliance with global sustainability standards.

  • Line representation of a house

    Opportunity to affect large-scale change across design, logistics and travel.

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    Occupying a sustainability leadership position in a high-profile sport.

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    Pioneering low-carbon innovation for other teams and racing organizations to follow.

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    A 700-strong workforce engaged in projects with added societal value.

Seizing the moment to show climate leadership

Recognizing the sport's need to transition towards net zero, Aston Martin Formula One® Team is helping speed up the roadmap towards sustainability.

  • 256k tonnes

    In 2019, F1® generated 256,551 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which they aim to reduce to net zero by 2030.

  • 1.54 billion

    According to a 2023 F1® earnings call, the cumulative TV audience for F1® in 2022 was 1.54 billion.

  • 72.7%

    72.7% of F1®'s emissions comes from air, sea and road transport and business travel.

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  • 96%

    From 2026, race cars will run on sustainable fuels, reducing emissions by up to 96%.

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“We can rely on BSI's knowledge and ongoing support to enable us to fulfil our commitment to operating as a responsible business.” 

Simon Randall Head of Safety, Sustainability and Facilities, Aston Martin Formula One® Team
BSI and Aston Martin teams in meeting in smart office

Helping motorsports shift gears to a sustainable future

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