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A Blueprint for Cutting Emissions With Industrial Biotechnology

BSI consultants Develop Roadmap Unlocking Industrial Biotechnology's Climate Solutions.


“This excellent report by BSI points the way towards a sustainable future.” 

Paul Mines Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum
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Overcoming barriers to net zero growth in industrial biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology promises significant contributions to achieving net-zero emissions through new products and economic opportunities.

However, obstacles like unclear standards have hindered its full potential. To address this, BSI consulted with stakeholders to identify priority areas for regulatory alignment. Their analysis aimed to encourage innovation through strengthened frameworks and build confidence across sectors adopting novel technologies.

The Challenge

Overcoming obstacles in industrial biotechnology leadership

While industrial biotechnology has great potential for economic growth, jobs, sustainability and solutions, the UK faces challenges in fully capitalizing on its strengths in this area.

One of these challenges is the establishment of standards and regulations to support high-risk innovation, inspire confidence in researchers and manufacturers, and facilitate market adoption.

Innovate UK and the IBLF commissioned BSI to address this challenge by developing a strategic roadmap to accelerate industrial biotechnology's contribution to carbon reduction goals through an enabling framework of standards.

The Solution

Creating an evidence-based, actionable roadmap

Speaking to more than 50 stakeholders across a five-month period, the report's authors uncovered a wealth of market gaps and action areas to propel the industrial biotechnology industry forward.

The report's multi-disciplinary team recommended pathways and action areas that addressed infrastructure, tax policy, regulations, standards and more.

They identified five sectors – agritech, biofuels, fine and speciality chemicals, plastics and textiles – that could contribute to carbon reduction.

The report also outlined an actionable roadmap alongside recommendations for a combination of government support, best standards and private sector investment to realize industrial biotechnology's potential.

A sustainable future enabled by industrial biotechnology

The report helps the UK's ambitious growth plans and its mission to reach net zero.

laboratory analysis
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    Policymakers and businesses given guidance on priorities for regulation and standards.

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    Opportunities for industrial biotechnology-enabled CO2 reduction outlined.

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    Actions and recommendations identified in three-to-five year timeframe.

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    Supports UK government's Ten Point Plan for green industrial revolution.

  • Strengthens industrial biotechnology's credibility as a green industrial powerhouse.

Unlocking additional growth on the path to net zero

Industrial biotechnology (IB) can both support economic prosperity and help reduce carbon emissions.

  • 82%

    Biofuels created through IB could reduce GHG emissions by 82%

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  • 10%

    IB sector employment is outpacing national averages, increasing by over 10% annually

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  • 9%

    The UK's biotech sector has risen by more than 9% every year since 2017

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  • 2x

    The UK set an ambitious target of doubling the bioeconomy between 2018 and 2030


“This report is so timely, given the UK government's recent ambition to setting the UK on the path to net zero by 2050.” 

Paul Bello Innovate UK
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Aligning business growth and net zero strategy

We shape and embed best practice so that businesses can become future ready. As a global standards organization, we accelerate opportunity for the decarbonization of industry by defining a clear path towards sustainable growth.

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